[GDW 448] Brand new week and Brand new Novel!

Hello friends,
this is New Novel Ulamog, once again bugging you and everyone else, with ME! I caught a cold of epicly bad proportions on saturday and shall delay the launch of Only I Shall Be Immortal by a day. No worries! I will break my no work sunday rule to keep the releases this first week to 6, so Prepare to be Rocked!

Bonus Chapter Opportunity

Kun has a video on Youtube of his new song, and for every 20,000 views coming from our site link we will sponsor one free chapter. The site link can be found in the sneak peek page after each chapter. If everyone hits it once after the chapter and just puys down the phone or keyboard and lets the song play, its like a free chapter every day.

Please be aware that views not from this link WILL NOT COUNT. With an average of 700,000 chapter reads per month we feel that this is a reasonable number. Good luck!

This makes 1/4 regular chapters and 0 sponsored chapters this week.

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