Path to Heaven – Chapter 70

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Anyways, here’s Chapter 70.

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[GDW 358] Dont Look Dooooown!!!

Hello friends,
This is Terror-Dactyl Ulamog, once again bugging you with me! So this swing is NUTS! You get on with a buddy and then they drop you….. Like an Acme anvil. When the cable goes taut you sling outwards! The swing is called the Terror-Dactyl! Heres the canyon.


IMPORTANT UPDATE to all F5 sect branch clan members and provisionary disciples: chapters on day 1-4 of every week will be released at 10 pm my time as much as possible! So count on that always happening. There you go. Sporadic posting hours fixxed! No promises for bonus chaps times but ill try.

This makes 4/4 regular chapters and 0 sponsored chapters this week!

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