[GDW 425] Anyone Ready for Action????

Hello friends,
this is Overly Blessed Ulamog, once again bugging you with me! I got a new Job for winter at $2.25 more than minimum wage. (*˘︶˘*) On better topics, The Assault begins. The Queue has $10/35 in it again.To the Editorial Battlefield I Go!!!!

This makes 3/4 regular chapters and 1 sponsored chapters this week.

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The Ultimate Evolution Volume 4 chapters 1-3

Hello everybody.
As you probably noticed it’s the beginning of Volume 4!
So, in celebration I’ve released three of the bonus chapters that are owed to you.
Definitely because a new volume started and not because I posted two chapters and forgot to make an announcement post.

Please join me in thanking:
Translated by: Chua
Editors: I and Elkassar
Proofreader: Elkassar
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