Path to Heaven – Chapter 79

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Also, I hope you like this chapter, it’s quite incredulous.

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Here’s Chapter 79.

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[GDW 373] Back to the Action! Announcement ahead!

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This is Update Ulamog once again bugging you with me! As for sponsored chapters, the rate has dropped! It is now 35 USD per sponsored chapter! Partially because of length and partially because we want to support the readers! Or at least, I think thats why. XD off to work again and hope you like the chapter!

Novel Update: Our Team has Chosen a New Novel to translate. This one is written by Tang Jia San Shao. (The author of Douluo Dalu and Heavenly Jewel Change)
We plan to release in the start of september. More info to come! Edit: This doesnt mean we are dropping GDW. I will just buckle down and work harder

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